Advertisement : Google Summer of Code 2018

Promotion administration is effectively a standout amongst the most asked for add-on highlights for phpBB. In phpBB 3.0, EXreaction’s Ad Management MOD was the ninth most downloaded MOD with more than 66,000 downloads. For phpBB 3.1/3.2, network individuals positioned Ad Management as their second most wanted expansion. The Extension Development Team at phpBB is cheerful to declare that we will discharge an official Advertising Management augmentation for phpBB 3.2, made amid our support in the Google Summer of Code.

The expansion created by GSoC understudy Senky (see his code confers) and coached by VSE and Derky covers most highlights board administrators would need to execute promotion code scraps or offer commercial space on their sheets.

  • Download the augmentation from the Customisation Database
  • View the source code on GitHub
  • View the venture anticipating Trello

How it functions

At its most essential use, an administrator can glue HTML/JS code for an ad specifically in ACP and select areas for this promotion to show (14 areas are as of now accessible – alongside fly up and slide-up alternatives). The promotion will begin to show instantly after it’s empowered.

Additional features

We’ve built into this extension various extra functionalities to help manage your board’s ads. You’re able to set a comment for each advertisement (i.e., info about advertiser, PPC, etc…). Set the priority level of the ad (ads with higher priorities will be displayed more often than other ads assigned to the same display location). Set a user as an owner of an ad, who is then able to see ad statistics in the UCP. Set an expiration date for an ad, after which the ad will automatically be disabled. The extension can analyse advertisement code for you, to check that your advertisement code is secure, optimised and safe to publish. You can also take advantage of the built-in banner upload mechanism to easily upload and create banner ads without having to use FTP or leave the ACP.

In addition to all that, the extension is able to count views and clicks for each ad, and optionally disable ads once they reach a certain number of views and/or clicks. If you designated an ad owner, they will be able to view their ads views and clicks stats in their UCP.

You can also disable advertisements from displaying to selected user groups, for example to allow your admins, moderators (or even registered users) an ad-free experience. We’ve also included an ad-blocker detector option that will display a polite message to users to consider disabling their ad-blocker on your site, in order to help support your site.


We did our best to optimise this extension for even the biggest boards – this extension performs only one additional database query (two with view counting enabled) per page load. However, we really look forward to your personal experiences with this extension to help us improve the performance and usability even more.


This extension is not feature-frozen. We appreciate every comment, idea and bug report and will do our best to make this extension as powerful as possible without compromising performance.

You can track our continuing feature/planning list on Trello. We wish you the greatest revenues!

For extension developers

This extension is designed with extensibility in mind. Currently, it is already possible to accept new template locations defined in other extensions. If you have ideas on how to further extend this extension or would like to develop a rejected feature as an add-on to this extension, please ask us for any PHP/template events you may need us to add and we will be more than happy to prepare them for you.


The extension is now available for download from our Customisation Database!