Guest Post: Writing Modifications by RMcGirr83

As a Junior MOD Validator (otherwise known as “JMV”), it is my “employment” to attempt and test every MOD as completely as could be expected under the circumstances. What does this mean?

Every adjustment (otherwise known as “MOD”) that experiences approval on is first gone through MOD Pre-approval (otherwise known as “MPV”) which searches for specific things (authorizing, redress variant of phpBB, revise MODX form, and so on) that MUST be in a change that will be approved. On the off chance that the alteration does not pass MPV (there are special cases) at that point the MOD is “insta-denied” with a PM shot off to the MOD creator to tell them why.

In the event that the MOD passes MPV then a MOD Team part begins to investigate the code being submitted and in addition what changes, assuming any, deeply code of phpBB are done (this incorporates any alters to the HTML documents also). Notes are made concerning the coding of the change. For instance: if the MOD takes after the coding rules, the security of the code, the effiency of the code (question in circle == baaaaaaaad), and so forth. Once the approving Team Member takes a gander at the code a status is determined to the MOD (either “Deny”, “Testing”, “Repack”, and so forth).

In the event that set to testing, at that point it’s one of the individuals from the JMV turn.

Once a MOD is set to testing, we should take after strict rules concerning the testing of the MOD. Those rules give us a kind of “agenda” and are contained as takes after:

The MOD must introduce utilizing AutoMOD

  • The MOD must be introduced on a crisp, unmodified rendition of phpBB
  • The guidelines for making the MOD practical (eg, DIY directions) must be precise.
  • Troubleshoot is set to “on” in the Test Forum.
  • Any increments to HTML records, or html documents themselves, must pass W3c approval.

Once the gathering is setup and AutoMOD introduced on it, we at that point transfer the MOD and introduce it to test. In the event that the MOD does not introduce (because of erroneous charges in the MODX establishment record) we endeavor to alter the MODX document with the goal that the MOD introduces appropriately and take note of the progressions for a conceivable “Repack”. As you can envision, a few alterations are very simple to modify while others have extremely included MODX establishment documents.

Once introduced on the gathering, we test the usefulness and precision of what the alteration should do. A few of us may make suggestions on “ease of use” yet it’s anything but an explanation behind a dissent of a MOD. Once more, a few changes are very simple to tell in the event that they do what the portrayal states they do. A few adjustments are greatly included and require a considerable amount time to have the capacity to test the MOD as altogether as could be allowed.

By what method can a MOD Author help?

The “trap” to getting any MOD to pass approval is to guarantee that you, as a MOD creator, altogether test your MOD similarly as a JMV would. Guarantee it introduces onto a crisp establishment of phpBB (a.k.a. “vanilla establishment”) utilizing AutoMOD. Test your MOD as completely as conceivable to guarantee that it works appropriately and does not make any “highlights” (my variant of “bugs”). On the off chance that there is HTML included, guarantee the design is as “easy to use” as would be prudent. Break down your code, investigate it once more, dissect it once more, flush, rehash… continually retesting any progressions you make.

At last, the achievement or disappointment of an adjustment passing approval does not depend upon the MOD Team Members or even the Junior Validators however with you, the MOD creator. It is dependent upon you to guarantee your adjustment is secure and works effectively. If it’s not too much trouble realize that we are here to help with recommendations and remarks or even with code scraps if necessary.

In the event that you might want to have one of your own blog entries that identifies with phpBB on this blog, if you don’t mind contact the Team Leader of the gathering for which your blog entry applies to by means of a private message with the substance of the blog entry.

Proceeding onward – the eventual fate of phpBB improvement

Posted by naderman in Development with the labels ascraeus, Development, Features, Git, phpBB, phpbb3, phpBB4, Rhea, Subversion, SVN, Symfony on February eighteenth, 2010

About multi month back I was elevated to phpBB’s lead designer position. When I was given that part I was requested to present to the administration group what my plans for phpBB are. Yet, since they concern every one of you, the phpBB people group, I trust they have a place here too.

We are at present during the time spent discharging phpBB 3.0.7, a littler bug settle arrival of Olympus. After that improvement will part into numerous branches. Meik has just clarified our new forming framework in a past declaration. This means after 3.0.7 is discharged we will begin taking a shot at two branches: Ascraeus – the future phpBB 3.1, and Rhea – the future phpBB4. In the meantime we will proceed with maintanance arrivals of Olympus.